Johan Rockström and Pavan Sukhdev present new way of viewing the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are all linked to Food

How food connects all the SDGs

Speaking at the Stockholm EAT Food Forum 13 June, centre director Johan Rockström and board member Pavav Sukhdev, pushed for a new way of viewing the economic, social and ecological aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The new illustration (see above, download high-res version here) is based on one of the iconic figures of the centre, “the wedding cake”, developed by centre science director Carl Folke and others. It implies that economies and societies are seen as embedded parts of the biosphere.

This model changes our paradigm for development, moving away from the current sectorial approach where social, economic, and ecological development are seen as separate parts. Now, we must transition toward a world logic where the economy serves society so that it evolves within the safe operating space of the planet.