Students’ Perspectives of the Food and Nutrition Program at the University of Cape Coast Home Economics Department and Its Implication on Curriculum Change

Abstract Curriculum evaluation provides insightful information that helps make decisions to maintain, modify or stop a program. Evaluating students’ perspectives of an existing program is an important technique used in assessing its relevance to the global economy. The study evaluated students’ perspectives of the food and nutrition program at the University of Cape Coast and its implications on curriculum change. Out of a total of 336 students, 129 made up of 62 first and 67 final year students were purposively selected for the study. Two sets of questionnaires were developed and self administered to students. In all, 116 questionnaires 62 final year students; 54 first year students were retrieved giving a response rate of 90%. Results showed that 52% of the students were well informed about the program through the university admission brochure prior to enrollment. Students reported several overlaps in different courses and recommended synchronizing course outlines. Seventy 60% of the students rated science based courses as very important nutrition and health; food storage and preservation and non science courses less important food production and service; other catering related courses.  (…)

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